New Mexicans deserve open,
honest, accountable government.
We’re working to deliver it.

New Mexicans deserve open, honest, accountable government. We’re working to deliver it.


In 2019 we saw passage of numerous good-government bills and thank lawmakers who supported these important reforms! We scored five bills that support our four Pillars of Democracy:

SB 3, Campaign Finance Reporting (sponsored by Sen. Peter Wirth)
This law will help to shine a light on “dark money” through increased disclosure requirements for donors to political campaigns and define requirements for independent expenditure reporting in our elections.

SB 4, Campaign Public Financing Changes (sponsored by Sen. Peter Wirth)
This law extends the qualifying period for candidates for the Public Regulation Commission and statewide judicial offices, which helps allow candidates to qualify for the program — as well as restricts how public funds may be used by the candidate’s campaigns (i.e. not to pay immediate family members for campaign duties).

SB 668, State Ethics Commission Act (sponsored by Sen. Mimi Stewart)
This law will provide our state’s new Independent Ethics Commission with the policy guidelines and authority necessary for its process and operations. The legislation establishes an efficient and transparent process for this Commission to provide a “one-stop-shop” for the public to file complaints when they have a concern about our government.

SB 672, Automatic & Same-Day Voter Registration (Sponsored by Sens. Linda M. Lopez, Daniel Ivey-Soto and Rep. Linda M. Trujillo)
This bill automatically registers eligible citizens to vote while renewing or getting their driver’s license at the MVD, unless they decline — a process that has already been done through administrative rules by the NM Secretary of State for several years. Additionally, this bill allows eligible individuals to register to vote on Election Day at most voting registration sites and polling locations around the state.

HB 55, National Popular Vote (sponsored by Sens. Mimi Stewart, Carlos R. Cisneros and Reps. Gail Chasey, Daymon Ely, and Patricia Roybal Caballero)
This law enters New Mexico into a compact with 14 other jurisdictions and will put New Mexico’s electoral votes towards the presidential candidate who wins the majority of the national popular vote. This compact ensures that the presidential candidate who wins the most votes in the country, also wins the necessary total of 270 electoral votes, to be elected to the presidency.

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